Nursery Activities

Bright Beginnings Nursery Falkirk offers a wide range of exceptional nursery activities and opportunities and encourages children to participate in these free experiences to help them build their confidence and develop their skills. By offering these, we hope to ensure our children are well prepared for any challenges they encounter.


Nursery Animals

As part of our nursery team we have Fish and African Snails. Our children are involved in naming our animals, as well as deciding on their new home and feeding them once they arrive with us. Taking care of our animals provides our children with a great sense of responsibility and teaches them how to care for others. It also provides our children opportunities to develop empathy and social skills, builds their self-esteem and encourages calmness and relaxation.



The Enjoy-a-Ball program gradually develops sports-specific skills and confidence across ten ball sports in a caring, positive and fun environment.



We are very lucky to have our very own teacher who primarily works with our 3-5yr children. Our teacher will work closely with your child’s key worker to ensure that your child is being provided with all the simulating and essential experiences needed to prepare your child for heading off to school. Our teacher is always available if you would like to discuss anything regarding your child’s development.