Our achievements and future goals

What we have achieved in 2015 – 2016

Throughout the year we have developed the Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Well-being skills of children in each of our play rooms through the use of floor books and our vision and values as a nursery. We have found that the collaboration between parents, staff and children ensure that these core elements are embedded in all areas of our children’s development.

Staff are more confident in reviewing the impact on children’s learning through self-evaluation floor books and monitoring. Our aim to make floor books a key part in your children’s development throughout all stages of nursery helps to assess your child’s daily progress. More parents have contributed to the online Learning Journals furthering parental involvement in children’s learning experiences (under 3’s). Staff have also further developed the learning journals within the Rainbow Room. They are now beginning to show the depth and progression for individual children, and also the children’s and parents input. 

All staff have further developed their skills on a variety of training courses which has had an impact on planning and experiences offered to our children. The Rainbow room staff have been working closely with council teachers to continue progression with planning, floor books and learning journals. As a nursery, we have also explored, explained and implemented the idea of charity work. Working closely in partnership with parents, children and the local community to not only raise money for charities but also raise the children’s awareness and understanding of charity work and social responsibility. 

Alongside this, we also gained our 3rd Eco-Schools Green Flag in October 2015 and now have the Green Flag status for life. Our children and staff are still enjoying growing their own fruit and veg, flowers and herbs, and are looking forward to having a nice full green-house again this year. They have already begun planting various flowers and vegetables for this years crop. We have further developed our home links in the Rainbow Room, using out pet guineapigs, the children take them home for the weekend and care for them before returning them to nursery to tell us all about it. The younger rooms have re-introduced Barney the Bear, who travels home with the children over the weekend and goes on many adventures! 


What we want to develop further…

  • Further develop creativity indoors and outdoors across all curricular areas
  • Further develop partnership with parents throughout the nursery through self-evaluation and parental involvement
  • Develop more awareness of all documents, local and national legislation for staff, parents and children and effectively implement these into the nursery
  • Develop more home links
  • Develop extra curricular involvement i.e. trips and outings